Activity summary

In this activity, we used the "Finger Print With Sound" application, which enables students to explore touch with color, sounds or music. Students could choose a color and draw with music, and various sound effects or no sound at all. Each student was provided an iPad and with the help of their teachers and caregivers, they were given the entire session to play with the app.

Composition made by a studentComposition made by a studentComposition made by a studentComposition made by a student


  • Learn more about multiple pointers (multi-touch) interactions
  • Learn more about students' response to different colors and sounds as they were interacting with the screen

Notes from the session

  • Sound and in some cases music resonated with most students
  • A few students had difficulty at times interacting with the iPad due to mobility issues, they enjoyed the activity initially but grew tired halfway into it
  • The sounds were repetitive which might have led to the lack of interest as time went on
  • The app’s UI laid out colors in fixed positions (upper corners of the iPad) which were not configurable so some students were not able to reach their preferred colors
  • Multiple touch gestures allowed students to use one or more hand 

Notes for C2LC design

  • If the gestures required for bringing menus could be configured that would help students who move their hands constantly and accidentally bring up the double-tap context menu
  • The app should allow users to easily mute sounds, control volume, or change them
  • Guided access should be enabled for all iPad activities
  • Configurable elements on the UI
  • Being able to easily save and export drawings

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