Activity summary

At this session, all our activities were focused on introducing what robots are and what we can do with them.

  1. We started by playing a video describing some examples of robots in our daily lives (Video link).
  2. Next, we showed a few slides to share some other examples of real-life robots, such as a TV remote control, automatic doors, cars, and puppets.
  3. Later, we shared a deck of cards with students. Each card included two items, one was a robot and the other wasn't. Students were tasked to identify the robot on each card (Robot Discovery Activity.pdf).
  4. After the card activity, students were introduced to the "Simon Says" game. Many of them were already familiar with this game. Then, one of our facilitators acted like a robot and each student had a few minutes to give him specific instructions.
  5. The last activity involved Dash. Dash was placed in a circle with all students around it. Facilitators were using the C2LC program in the background to make Dash move towards each student in the circle and meet them individually.


  • Introducing students to robots
  • Scaffolding for the following programming workshops
  • Gauging students' interests and abilities to work with the C2LC program and Dash robot

Notes from the session

  • Real-life examples of robots should be relevant to the students' context and their world (Washroom automatic light, Bell sound) 
  • “Simon says” game should be relevant to these group of kids and their abilities
  • Students responded very well with two options on the card (identifying the robots)
  • Most students successfully identified the robot on each card, however, they were tempted to pick their favorite items, such as pizza or a puppy over a robot
  • Students responded very well to the robot game and giving instruction to our facilitator acting like a robot
  • One of the teachers suggested using a remote-controlled car to give an example of cause and effect before introducing the C2LC UI as a controller for Dash robot.

Notes for C2LC design

  • The resource library should include preliminary and age-specific activities and lessons about what robots are and what programming for kids before the introduction of C2LC program
  • A fun video tutorial for the program is necessary
  • We should be able to connect the computer to the bigger screen so students can see a sequence when Dash is moving
  • A refresh button would be helpful to avoid a two-step process of deleting all
  • Being able to step back a few steps would be helpful 
  • Being able to save the path taken from a starting point in history would also be helpful, allowing Dash to travel back to the starting point
    • If there’s a way for it to move back towards a starting “beacon”
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