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Activity Summary

At this session, a participant with low-vision interacted with creating nested loops and custom blocks when building code sequence with the current prototype.

  • Link to prototype: 
  • Script for using the prototype: 
    • Add a loop at the end
    • Add a forward tile inside your loop
    • Add another loop right before the forward tile
    • Add another forward tile inside Loop 2
    • Add another Loop after the Turn Right tile
    • Move Loop2 outside of Loop 1


  • To test how to support low-vision user to create nested loop function when creating coding sequence
  • To test how to support low-vision user to create custom blocks when creating coding sequence

Notes from the session

  • No difficulties adding loop and nested loop into sequence
  • Difficulty with drag function as the mouse would hover in grey area instead of the white/blank space. User benefited from verbal cue to change mouse position and vernal instructions describing drag and drop. For example “hold mouse over x location and drag to scroll horizontally”

Notes for C2LC design

  • Keep current action labels. For example, ‘Start Loop’ and ‘End Loop’
  • Change the grey portion of the loop to have more contrast
  • Enlarge the number in the loop function 
  • To differentiate different loops, use colours (i.e. red and yellow) and shapes
  • Explore whether loops can collapse such that it is similar to Custom Blocks.
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