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Activity Summary

At this session, a participant with low-vision interacted with visual components of the existing prototype. 

  • Link to prototype:
  • Script for using the prototype:
    • Add Forward
    • Add Turn Right
    • Add Turn Left
    • Select Forward to adjust its parameters
    • Adjust the number of steps to 5
    • Close Forward Actions Panel
    • Select Turn Right to adjust its parameters
    • Adjust the angle to 89 degrees
    • Close Turn Right Actions Panel
    • Select Turn Left to adjust the turn’s angle
    • Adjust angle to -15
    • Close Turn Left Actions Panel
    • Select Turn Left to Delete Step
    • Delete Turn Left
    • Add a program line to build a new sequence


  • To identify if the addition or deletion actions were accessible to low-vision user with ATT
  • To recognize visual element that enable or challenge low-vision user

Notes from the session

  • Low difficulty adding or deleting actions to the sequence. However, there may be difficulty if the user has eye-wandering tendencies
  • User had difficulty seeing ‘plus’ signs 
  • Preference of using voice/speech for number input for efficiency 
  • Confusion between the plus sign at the end of the sequence chain, and the plus to add a new line of code
  • Preference to have actions in line with the sequence (i.e. aligns with the horizontal sequence)
  • Preference to increase three vertical dots
  • The prototype controls (arrows) were small making them difficult to navigate.

Notes for C2LC design

  • Icons (e.g. trash bin) to be bigger and bolder for greater visual contrast (e.g. black) 
  • Provide more blank/white space between action icons
  • Increase Line 1 text to be bigger and bolder 
  • Provide setting for different input options (e.g. speech)
  • Distinguish plus sign icons to differentiate 
  • Allow Esc key to exit action panel
  • Increase the size of panel option controls (e.g. three vertical dots)
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