Activity summary

An animated children story called "Papa, Please get the moon for me" was played for the students. One of the facilitators also narrated the scenes as it was being played. In the end, a scene from the animation was displayed on the screen. Then students were provided with different items included in the story, such as mountains, moon, trees, the main character's house, and stars on the screen. They were given a brush and asked to use the brush to move each of those items and place them on the scene.

Story background and elementsComposition made by a student Composition made by a student


  • Opportunity to explore storytelling
  • Observing students' reaction to immediate cause and effect
  • Learning more about select, and drag and drop interactions
  • Observing how students were able to complete a sequence of actions

Notes from the session

  • Yes and No feedback after every class seemed an effective method to get learners' feedback
    • The younger group might not be exposed to that activity
    • The second class are familiar with it and all replied with ‘Yes’ when asked if they enjoyed the activity
  • Narrating the example story beforehand is helpful
  • Some students seem to be looking away from the activity but they may prefer using their peripheral vision so they could still be involved
  • They were more comfortable using equipment they were used to (Promethean board)
  • Less abstract (house, stars, tree, mountain) and a fewer number of options seemed to help the students to achieve the activity goals compering to a wide range of options in the first session
  • The brush and its texture might have been distracting for some students

Notes for C2LC design

  • Start with a very simple layout and the least number of options and gradually build complexity
  • The direct connection between cause and effect was helpful and made students more focused on the activity
  • Touch, drag and drop were effective interactions for many students
  • Sound cues could help 
  • A fun and simple tutorial about how to use a panel/component can be helpful

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