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  • Goals of New Version of Standard
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  • Candidate Goals

  • Address context (and define context)
  • Harmonize with ISO 24752 (Universal Remote Standard)
  • Add possibility of 3D printing and needs and preferences for physical form
  • Address the implementation of usage metrics and user feedback to label resources
  • Address interaction needs and preferences
  • Add linguistic and cultural preferences
  • Further address cognitive access needs and preferences
  • Allow for continuous updating of needs and preference terms
  • Define a process for maintaining a core set of needs and preference terms
  • Allow for inclusion of context and device related properties
  • Have architecture that also allows for inclusion of PERMISSIONS  (Data regarding things a person is authorized to use - and in which contexts)

Ideas on registries

Some ramblings that might be wrong on the role of a Registry in relation to a Standard

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  1. The 'context' issue has been a round for a while now. The idea is that a given person might have different sets of needs nd preferences (n&p) depending on the context they are in. It is balanced by the requirement that the description of n&p is not a description of a person, or of a disability. My proposal is to think of the 'user in a context' as having the functional n&p. If this is done, the context can be named, for convenience, or known by its location, time, type of event or device, etc. I suggest that the context be defined as something like "the set of circumstances that give rise to a set of functional requirements for a resource/service to be perceivable, .... for the user."

    I consider it really important that we do not end up with the need to describe the n&p and the context, but rather have a single thing to describe.