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  • 0.4 Component Meeting 5-12-08

Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.3
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0.4 Component ID (10:00 am PST on Breeze)

- 0.3 Release schedule & Components
- Components in progress (design and/or development)
- Estimated work remaining
- What can we accomplish by the 0.4 release (End of July)


Eli, Allison, Erin, Jess, Michelle, Gary, Paul, Daphne

From Colin (food for thought since he can't make the meeting):
Here's the list of in-progress components that could potentially be  
readied for 0.4. Hopefully I'm not forgetting any.

  * Smart Pager (preliminary designs by Erin)
  * Date Picker (as above)
  * List Builder (preliminary designs and fairly mature code by Eli) - have code
  * Inline Edit (very early design and code contributions from you,  
me, and Eli) - have code


List Builder - fairly specific design pattern
Might still need to some design work for abstraction.  Not available publicly, talk to your local developers for a view.

In-line Edit - Colin coded at conference.  Need some use cases fleshed out.  Covers one thing well but not everything we might need from an in-line edit.
Could be used in many places.  What's currently coded does not match the design work that has been done up to now (Image Gallery).  Not available publicly, talk to your local developers for a view.

0.4 Polishing for uploader.  Should be based on feedback received from people implementing for the 0.3 Infusion Verision

Date Picker & Pager - can start building prototype and do user testing.  Date picker could use a little more thinking.  Technical thning about the clock with teh date picker.  Need to think about interernational issues (a lot of discussion around this previous to Erin's involvement).  As long we handle customization well we should be OK. Day of week starts on different days in different countries.

UX 0.4 plan
User Research
- Contextual inquiry models
-- Component identification
-- Personas, use cases, scenarios
- Component design requirements
Component Design & Testing
- Upload Component v2.0
- Tagging component
- User testing for each new component
Design Patterns
- Tagging design pattern
- Launch Open Source Design Patterns content management system
- Work with Sakai UX group to migrate current Sakai design patterns to OSDPL
- Coordinate cross-project working group for design patterns

4 components in time frame before Sakai conference is probably too much.  Can't forget about other work we'll need to do for the conference (presentations, etc.)

UX Initiative moving foward quickly.  Cambridge looking to us for accessibilty and to help fill in holes in the current design.  We also want to

Uploader 2 changes come out of others implmementing it.  Timing might be good to do that work after the conference.

Beta 0.4 release (prior to Sakai conference) will include beta versions of component deliverables.

Final 0.4 release will include the v2 Uploader and the final versions of those in the beta 0.4 release.  

0.4 Components:  File Uploader 2, In-line edit & Smart paging.

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