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From a friend of Fluid that has done testing in this area

  • Testing showed that users preferred drag and drop for short lists and numbered lists for really long lists (i.e. 100 items).


 fluid:Quick movie of reordering in netflix (doesn't start for 10 seconds or so)


  • Row is highlighted on rollover as a clue that the user can do something with the row
  • The dotted outline on rows makes it easy to see the whole row moving as you drag it.
  • Easy way to jump to the top with the arrow keys.  This is good for this context where they assume you want to move things up in your list.
  • Graceful degredation in allowing users to use numbers to change order.
  • Numbers are also an additional feedback about the order and an indication that you can change the order.


  • Discovery is weak.


Dragging "seen this?"

fluid:Facebook reordering movie... 


  • Drag to reorder message at top is helpful for discovery.
  • Apps are links.  User goes to app on mouse click release.  On down click user can begin dragging item.


  • No drop target indication.
  • Text message requires users to read it to notice they can drag to reorder.  


 fluid:Movie - Reordering calendars in Ical fluid:Movie - Reordering calendars in Ical  

  • Nice drop target using the black line that goes all the way across.  It's very clear where the item will be dropped.
  • Smooth dragging and dropping 


  • No discoverability as far as I can see


fluid:Movie - reordering songs in itunes 


  • Nice avatar when dragged.  It's basically a very faint version of the row.
  • Smooth dragging interaction


  • No drop target indication
  • No assistance with discovery.  Although dragging and dropping is easier 


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