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  • Component Roadmap Meeting 5-12-08

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Project Component Roadmap Discussion (11:00 am PST on Breeze)


  • Review goals and overall priorities
  • Review inputs on Matrix (where they came from, relation to Fluid, etc.)
  • Component Discussion based on Potential Component Matrix
  • Create draft roadmap OR steps for analysis needed to get there
  • Next Steps?


Allison, Eli, Erin, Gary, Jess, Colin, Michelle, Paul, Daphne


Focus on components and information to help people implement in various contexts (is this the right component?  is there another?  what else do I need to know to implement this (tangential design)).

Building a platform for fully accessible, excellently deisgned User Interfaces.

How to Prioritize
* Get the matrix into the wiki...
   - quick one-line description for each item
   - double-check our ranking/cross-referencing
   - add an indication for project relevance

* Take a look at Nathan's designs and identify other components

* Determine cross-project relevance for components

* Strategy and coordination: make sure we're aligned with other people working in this area

*... and out to the community

Next Steps 

  • Jess to put the matrix in the wiki and add new column to identify which projects components have relevance to  (with help from Daphne & Allison)
  • Everyone: 
    • add 1-line descriptions for components below the matrix
    • look at UX Initiative and identify further component ideas
    • double-check cross referencing (identify places where maybe there wasn't an exact match but there is overlap in some part of the functionality or concept)
    • add relevance to existing projects
    • discuss component ideas on the wiki
  • Get Nathan's feedback for components ID'd for UX Initiative
  • Get feedback from Cambridge and GA Tech on their implementation plans for UX Intiative
  • Begin to build a draft roadmap
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