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  • Date represented in text below the number field
  • Since this is a date range, the starting date is represented on the calendar when choosing departure date


  • Low contrast on the textual date below the field. Date-Time Picker

Condo Hotels / The DHTML/JavaScript Calendar / jscalendar-1.0


See working example here: or

As you mouse over anything, directions about what it does (or what more it can do) are given at the bottom. The date picker can also be dragged and dropped by the top or bottom bar (cursor turns to a hand to indicate it's movable). The calendar can be configured to close either on a single click of the date or a double click/enter (which is helpful when the time is entered next). The time can be incremented by clicking repeatedly on hour or minute or dragging to the right or left.

JSCalendar 2.0


Google Date-Time Picker

Display on mouseover before editing is invoked:

Note: Google appears to have changed this interaction and this view is no longer available. It goes straight to edit fields now if you have edit rights on an event.

jQuery-derived Date Time Pickers

See Lovemore's Blog post about Date Time picker options:

Which led to this:


Which led to this:


Yahoo Design Pattern


New Upcoming Date Picker


Upcoming Time Picker


Richer Components Date Picker

See working example here:

User can single click to select and/or tab through each word or number in the text entry field. Then the up and down arrow key can be used to change each one (e.g. arrow up to go from September to August).

Peter's Date and Time


An incredibly feature-rich customizable date and time picker.

Vista-like Ajax Calendar version 2


JQuery Date Picker

See working example here:

Date Time Picker 1.9

See working example here:

ClockPick - a jQuery timepicker plugin


bSpace (Sakai) Date Picker

RSF Date Picker

See working example here:

Obout Date Picker

Allows selection of the entire week.


Zimbra Date Picker

Karamasoft UltimateCalendar - ASP.NET Calendar & Date Picker 1.0

XE Date Control 1.0

Time Date Picker ActiveX (OCX) 1.0


Java-Swing Date Time Selector

See working example here:

Oracle Calendar Date & Time pickers

NoGrey Time Picker

See working example here:

jQuery Time Pickers

From: Date entry

Remember the Milk Date Format question

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