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1. Problem

Problem Statement: There are a great variety of implementations for date and time selection. The lack of a consistent and effective interface increases the cognitive load of users interacting with these tools, and increases the probability of errors.

Problem Statement continued...

Top Design Goals:

  • Allow users to enter dates and times:
    • easily and efficiently
    • without disrupting their workflow
    • in the manner in which they are most comfortable (e.g. text entry or selecting a date from a calendar display)

     More Design Goals...

Pain Points: Date Time Picker Pain Points
Use Cases: Date Time Picker Functional Requirements
Competitive Analysis: Date Time Picker Competitive Analysis

2. Users

Fluid Personas are a collection of various types of important users whose needs we need to consider throughout the design process.

3. Users' needs

Contexts of Use: In what contexts would the user need a Date or Time Picker? What activities do they undertake in these contexts?

Functional Requirements: What use cases does the Date Time Picker component support?

Primary & Secondary Scenarios: In context, what are the primary and secondary user needs are we meeting?

4. Solution

Wireframes: Visual representation of design iterations and final designs.

Storyboards: How, when, and where would the user use a Date Time Picker?

Current storyboards:

Deprecated storyboards, showing old versions of the Date & Time Pickers:

  1. Date Time Picker Storyboard - Selecting Opening Date and Time
  2. Date Time Picker Storyboard - Selecting Due Date and Time
  3. Date Time Picker Storyboard - Editing a selected date
  4. Date Time Picker Storyboard - Selecting Opening Date and Time - Tabbed Timepicker

Date Picker Design Pattern: Not yet available

5. User Testing

Date Time Picker User Testing: Summary of all user testing performed on the Date Time Picker component.

User Testing Protocols: Describes how the user testing of Date & Time Picker will be carried out.

User Testing Results: Describes how the users interacted with the Date & Time Picker prototype and what improvements can be made.

6. Preparing for Implementation

Storycards: Decomposes the Date Picker, Time Picker and Date Time Picker into small implementable chunks.

Functional Specification: Development specification containing interaction details such as "interesting moments."

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