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Template for Future Testing Plan

This page contains suggestions for user testing the Date-Time Picker in the early phases of implementation when there is something interactive we can put in front of users.

The goals below cover things we were not able to test thoroughly with the paper prototypes. It is likely that you will want to modify the scenarios, Post-test Questionnaire, and Post-test questions, but we've left the examples below from Round 2 for your reference.


Planned for the future


High-level summary to be added after testing has been completed.



The test should discover:

  • Whether the tabs of the combined/tabbed Date-Time picker are confusing. If so, we may want to consider other design solutions for a combined Date-Time field.
  • Whether users have problems figuring out how to close the time picker, especially if they are only selecting or changing one or two of the three options. We could test this by asking them to change a time from 4pm to 5pm, for instance. If this causes confusion, we may want to consider putting the close button back.
  • Whether there is a way to provide an accelerator to users of the Time Picker so they can only click one or two things and it will close (E.g. if values for Hour and AM/PM are selected, in any order, but not Minutes). At this point we don't feel we have enough information to do this and be sure it wouldn't be severely jarring for some users, so we're erring on the side of caution.
  • What a user does when they are asked to make an assignment due at 'the very end of the day.' Do they enter 11:59pm or midnight? Do they enter midnight on the correct day? If not, we may want to consider adding a message which is displayed the first time someone selects midnight, letting them know this will actually be the beginning of the selected day.
  • Is it confusing that the "alternate presentation of the date" or time (above the text field) doesn't change as the user types in the field (it only changes to match the new date after they leave the field)?

Success Criteria

A successful design has been achieved when:


Method and test coordinator script.


Since the date picker will be used by a wide variety of users, we will attempt to do testing with students, faculty and staff. We attempted to recruit variety of users with ranging technical skills, gender, and age.

Interaction Design

Underlying design patterns and description of component behavior.

  • TBD

Test Environment

Location and version of the environment that was used. Attach a screenshot of the environment at the time of testing if the environment will change over time.

  • TBD


Full notes and analysis of the user tests.

Date Picker Paper Prototype User Testing - Round 3 Results

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