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Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.3
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Ordered and Unordered movement:

*Ordered movement: Moving an item from location 1 to 8 causes items 2 to 8 to move up 1 spot, and
*Unordered movement: Moving an item from location 1 to 2 causes the two items in location 1 and 2 to swap places.

Locked items

Ability to specify an item as locked. Locked can mean two different things to movable objects (concerns mostly keyboard interactions):

  • Impassible: The locked item blocks any movement through it. Any moveable item must be ordered around it.
  • Skippable: Moving an item through a locked item causes it to skip over the locked item and drop adjacent to it.

More thought needs to be put into how other items are reordered if locked items are present.

Custom Rules for Movement

Custom rules for non-typical movement of movable objects.

Use cases: board games like chess, checkers, and snakes and ladders.

Dynamic Grid

  • The grid can grow and shrink depending on how the user wants to place their objects.
  • Arrangement of objects in the grid doesn't necessarily fill in neatly from left to right, and row by row.

Reordering different sized objects on a grid

  • Movable items are different sized and reorderable on a grid.
  • Use cases: room layouts, Tetris style game, building blocks.

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