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Regular Team Meetings

The working team integrating the list reorderer into several Sakai contexts (starting with Announcements) is meeting briefly every Tuesday and Thursday after standup. Join us if you'd like!

Friday, 9/12/08

Daphne/Gonzalo/Savitha use cases reorderer Sakai
Announcement, Assignment, Resources  list are an entirely new set of  contexts.

Get Gonzalo account on wiki. Done!

Gonzalo to add to use cases and competitive analysis! Presto!

Initial estimate:
Rough integration plan & initial rough designs for next week (or 2 weeks at the outset)

Potential Primary scenarios:
-  Make this announcement always most important/prominent  (foregrounding).
-  Grouping announcements in a way that makes sense.

Other Requirements:
-  Allow edit without changing modified date.
-  Seperate the timeline from the way I present my material.
-  Modified date vs. created date - in this case modified date is probably more relevant?

-  Always keep this announcement most prominent setting?

Potential challenges:
-  Dates and sorting

-  Need users to be able to get back to custom organization (after they sort for instance)

Design Review:  Wednesday 10/22

Present:  Gary, Erin, Paul, Mike E.


We'll walk through the following wiki pages:

Design Overview:
Storyboard in Announcements:
Specification page:

We'll focus on the storyboard but briefly go through the other pages
for grounding and context.


-Possible label: "Override recipient view"
-Having numbers on each line--helpful for announcing to persons who are unable to see screen?
-Clarity about where the list element ended up - how about fading out of highlight after the item has been dropped?  Also need to be sure we show the shifting of items as the item is dropped [fluid:ADD THIS TO THE STORYCARD]
-How about giving students the choice of going to their own view or instructor's view?
--Maybe the instructor view could be the default?
--STudents can also re-sort to change their view

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