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  • October 18 2007 notes

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User Testing of Lightbox:

October 18, 2007

attendees:  Barbara, Shaw-Han, Daphne, Mike 

- number of users to test?
6 - keyboard only/6 mouse = total 12

Participating universities:  Michigan State University, UC Berkeley, U of Toronto 

how many per university? 4 at each school

- Uof T is doing pilot next Tuesday, October 23, 2007

  • We have access to 19 Sakai faculty here.  Also trying to get access to keyboard only users in ATRC

- compensation for users?
Can Fluid pay for compensation? 
MSU has to pay for itself, concerned about payment for users.  Can MSU charge back to project?
Berkeley has done "coffee cards" to faculty?
Barbara to ask Colin.

- results?  what form?  who should analyze data?

Daphne will post sample note taking forms to use to record data/observations

- Consent form from MSU - adding to wiki, UofT can modify for our research.

Mike will post MSU consent form. 

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