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User Testing

Planning and results of rounds of user testing.

Pager User Testing - Round 1

  • When asked to find a specific student, all users tried to type in the given name in the Find field and do a search.
  • All users wanted to increase the page size, to varied extent. Tech-savvy users tend to look for "Show All" option.
  • When they are given the total number of pages, they are likely to notice the how many pages there are first (rather than how many items they are), and finds this helpful.

Round 1-1 Results
Round 1-2 Results
Round 1-3 Results

Pager User Testing - Round 2

This test should discover:

  • Can the user adjust the page size to fit their need and preference?
  • Does the user know what page they are on?
  • Does the user realize what the list is sorted by?
  • Can the user locate the item(s) they are looking for?
  • Can the user go to the next and previous pages?
  • Can the user go to the first and last pages?
  • Does the user know (approximately) how many items there are in total?




The Pager allows users to break up long lists of items into separate pages. They may decide whether or not they want paging, and how many results are displayed per page.


Interaction Designs

Underlying design patterns and description of component behavior.

Pager Storyboards

Pagination Design Pattern


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