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Planned for the future


High-level summary to be added after testing has been completed.


The Pager will be used in various use-cases in various tools in various applications. Pagers are often used to display search results as well as large tabulated data, such as email Inbox, student roster, file system, etc. 


This test should discover:

  • Can the user adjust the page size to fit their need and preference?
  • Does the user know what page they are on?
  • Does the user realize what the list is sorted by?
  • Can the user locate the item(s) they are looking for?
  • Can the user go to the next and previous pages?
  • Can the user go to the first and last pages?
  • Does the user know (approximately) how many items there are in total?

Placeholder - These are questions we need to incoorporate into the test goals and the test itself

  • The overlay tooltips are implemented, and it would be interesting to see whether this tool tip improved users' experience and reduced time/clicks it took to look for a particular item or a range of items.
  • Whether the user prefers the page links or the next/previous buttons to navigate the pages (probably depends on the context)
  • Whether the page size dropdown is used. If the user does use this feature, what items do they expect to see when the page size is changed? (same top item, selected item in view, etc.)
  • When the user is not on the first or last pages and clicks on the column header to sort by that column, what page do they expect to land on?

Success Criteria

A successful design has been achieved when:

  • 100% of users realize they can navigate to other pages.
  • 90% of users realize what page they are on.
  • 90% of users realize how long the entire list is.
  • 90% of users can adjust the page size if there is a need.


Method and test coordinator script.


The desire is to test across a range of technology skill of students and faculty. Users tested in this round are from the University of Toronto.

Interaction Design

Underlying design patterns and description of component behavior.

Test Environment

Location and version of the environment that was used. Attach a screenshot of the environment at the time of testing if the environment will change over time.


Full notes and analysis of the user tests.

Pager User Testing - Round 2 Results

  • Finding 1...
  • Finding 2...
  • Finding 3...



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