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  • Pager User Testing - Round 2 Protocol

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Reference: User Testing Protocol

Supporting Material:

Greeting script

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User Testing Demographic Questionnaire



What courses are you teaching currently?

You have put in your [fluid:course name] students' midterm grades in the gradebook in Sakai. You just found a mistake in a student's midterm mark and wanted to correct it on the Sakai gradebook.




Task 1

Here's the gradebook. (Let them observe and think outloud. Have them modify page if the'd like.)

Task 2

Find Maurice Halderon. (Navigate to page with Maurice on it.) Correct Maurice's grade to 85.

Task 3

Go back to the first page.


Are you taking any courses where you are working with a group of classmates?

You are taking [fluid:course name] and you're assigned to a group. You want to find your groupmates' contact informations from the student roaster. You log into Sakai and find the student roster for [fluid:course name].




Task 1

Here's the roster. You are looking for [fluid:4 student names].

Task 2

Go back to the first page.

Notes for Test Coordinator

Offering help during the test

Don't offer help; let the user attempt to perform the task themselves. If they ask for help reply with:

  • "What do you think you/that would do?"
  • "What do you think that means (e.g. the red bars)?"

You want to observe whether users are able to:

  • understand how the pager operates
  • navigate to the desired page

Post-test Questionnaire

Note: Have participants fill out this questionnaire on paper.

Post-test Questions

Note:  Ask these questions verbally after the participant has filled out the questionnaire

  1. How often do you change the page size?
  2. Do you generally prefer a long page or a short page?
  3. Does it depend on the context? 
  4. Which are you more inclined to use when navigating through the list?
  5. The page links or the next/previous buttons?