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Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.3
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Uploader Error Handler

The Uploader supports various file and queue options to control its uploading limitations. These options are specified by the user upon implementation. New in Infusion 1.4, the Uploader further enhances file and queue limit support by providing error handling to provide appropriate feedback to the user when these limits have been exceeded.

The error handler currently supports the following client-side errors:

  • File size is too large
  • Too many files have been added to the queue

Files are added to the queue with no errors.

Files are added to the queue with client-side errors.

In the event of a client-side error, error messages will appear below the status bar of the uploader. Files which exceed the file size or upload limit will not queued and the file name will append to a list files that have been rejected corresponding to the appropriate error. Each error message can be cleared by pressing the "x" button to the right of the error message.

Click the "Show files" link to expand the detailed list of files that have been rejected by the queue.

Files uploaded with server-side errors.

Files rejected by the server have an error message directly underneath the file name in the file queue.

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