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Event firers

The Fluid event system is operated by instances of an "event firer" which are created by a call to fluid.event.getEventFirer():

var myFirer = fluid.event.getEventFirer(unicast, preventable);




unicast (optional)


If true, this event firer is a "unicast" event firer (see Event Types).

preventable (optional)


If true, this event firer represents a "preventable" action (see Event Types).

Using an event firer

Once an event firer is constructed, it can be called with the following methods:





listener: Function, namespace: String [fluid:optional]

Registers the supplied listener with this firer. The listener is a function of a particular signature which is determined between the firer and listener of an event. The namespace parameter is an optional String which defines a key representing a particular "function" of the listener. At most one listener may be registered with a firer with a particular key. This is a similar system to that operated by the JQuery namespaced events system. For an event firer which is of type unicast, the namespace argument will be ignored and will default to a fixed value.

The use of namespaces is highly recommended.


listener: String/Function

Supplies either the same listener object which was previously supplied to addListener, or else the String representing its namespace key. The designated listener will be removed from the list of registered listeners for this fierer.



Fires an event to all the registered listeners. They will each be invoked with the exact argument list which is supplied to fireEvent itself. If this is a preventable event, fireEvent may return true indicating that a listener has requested to prevent the effect represented by this event.

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