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Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.4
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An object containing names CSS-based selectors identifying where in the DOM different elements can be found.


The Framework will create a DOM Binder that should be used to access the elements identified by selectors. The DOM Binder attaches a function to the component object called locate() which retrieves the element given the selector name.

Example Definition

fluid.defaults("fluid.progress", {
    selectors: {
        displayElement: ".flc-progress",
        progressBar: ".flc-progress-bar",
        indicator: ".flc-progress-indicator",
        label: ".flc-progress-label",
        ariaElement: ".flc-progress-bar"

Example Override

var myEdit = fluid.progress(container, {
    selectors: {
        indicator: "div.progress-indicator",
        label: "span.progress-label"

See also

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