Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.4
Please view the Infusion Documentation site for the latest documentation, or the Infusion 1.3. Documentation for the previous release.
If you're looking for Fluid Project coordination, design, communication, etc, try the Fluid Project Wiki.

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Setup: Download and install the Infusion library

  1. Use the Infusion Builder to create a custom Infusion package containing the components you want:
      You only need to select the "Minified" package, but if you want to actually look at the code, you should select "Source" in the Download Options.

  2. Unpack the zip file you just downloaded, and place the resulting folder somewhere convenient for your development purposes.
    The folder will have the release number in its name (e.g. infusion-1.4/). The rest of this tutorial will use infusion-1.4 in its examples, but if you downloaded a different version, you'll have to adjust.

    The folder will contain a single file containing all of the JavaScript you need: MyInfusion.js. You will link to this file in the headers of your HTML files.
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