Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.4
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This functionality is Sneak Peek status. This means that the APIs may change. We welcome your feedback, ideas, and code, but please use caution if you use this new functionality.

This page is still incomplete.


A simple driver for single node self-templating. Treats the markup for a node as a template, parses it into a template structure, renders it using the supplied component tree and options, then replaces the markup in the node with the rendered markup, and finally performs any required data binding. The parsed template is returned for use with a further call to reRender.

fluid.render(node, tree, options);


File name: Renderer.js


node (Node) The node to receive the rendered markup
tree (Object) The component tree to be rendered
options (Object) An options structure to configure the rendering and binding process. See the options section below for more information.

Return Value

Object A templates structure, suitable for a further call to fluid.reRender or fluid.renderTemplates

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