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  • Using NPM to install infusion and node-jqUnit

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This tutorial applies to the current version of infusion.
A future version will more likely be published and installed via npm directly.

There are currently two preferred ways of installing infusion and/or node-jqUnit as a node module (for development or testing purposes).

The first method involves relative paths within your file system. Assuming that infusion and/or node-jqUnit are checked out in a sibling directory to the project that you are trying to instal it to:

npm install ../infusion
// and/or
npm install ../node-jqUnit

The second method involves installing node modules using a specific git url:

npm install git://
// and/or
npm install git://
// The # portion is optional, and it can be a branch (like master), tag (like 0.0.1) or a partial or full commit id.
// For example:
// git://
// git://
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