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  • Tutorial - Inline Edit 1.0 Migration

This space is an archive space for documentation related to old versions of Fluid Infusion (i.e. versions before 1.3). For documentation related to the latest Infusion, see Infusion Documentation.

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This page will walk you through the process of upgrading your existing 0.8 Inline Edit implementation to the new 1.0 version. This tutorial assumes that

  • you are already familiar with HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • you are familiar with what Inline Edit is and does
  • you have an existing implementation of Inline Edit that worked with the 0.8 Infusion release.
  • you are using the default classes

Location Changes

With the directory restructuring comes the need to update your paths to our files.

If you use...

The new path is...









** fluid.states.css has been removed and the inline edit classes moved to InlineEdit.css. See below for a list of classes moved.

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Class Name Changes

For consistency, all classes used as selectors have been given an "flc-" prefix, and ones used for styling have an "fl-" prefix.










Programmatically changed Styles













Other Styles Used by Inline Edit




Moved from FSS




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