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This analysis was performed in early January 2016 prior to face-to-face meetings with Edify.


The following are some notes taken during quick tours through the EdReady student and administrator sites. It is not an exhaustive list of issues (i.e. majority of accessibility issues are not documented below as they were documented in WebSavvy reports).



  • A sign up link is not near the Login link
  • Sign up form as an "enable accessible features" checkbox - implies that if not selected your account will never have it? Shouldn't all accounts have this feature?
  • Inactivity timer dialog:
    • lots of text to read.
    • timer doesn't change - you don't know how long the dialog has been up and how much time you have left.
    • If the dialog has been present for a while, selecting "Close Window" doesn't do what it says it will do - it will put you to the home page with your session logged out.
    • Some users require additional time to respond to dialogs. Give an option to extend times permanently, or to disable them all-together.

Known Issues:

  • Inconsistent use of links and buttons
    • links take you somewhere
    • buttons do an action
    • links which behave like buttons should have role="button"
  • some input fields do not have labels
    • i.e. the login and account sign-up forms lacks labels.
  • Focus styling improvements:
    • watch for colour contrast - in footer the focus colour is light blue on blue.
    • table headers lack focus styling

Student Portal

  • what does "Deactivate Your Account"
    • "Deactivate your account" is a link - not a button - does this mean you get taken to another page first?
      • Do you get a confirmation? Deactivation should have a confirmation page.
      do? Will you get a prompt / confirmation?

Known Issues


  • Can't keyboard focus the "Need Help?" side tab



  • Terms of Use link goes to a different website all together. Not expected behaviour
  • FAQ
    • FAQ content is located in an expanding container within the footer - should be moved into the main content area or perhaps its own page.
    • FAQ is not visible until you log in. Intentional?
    • The Head graphic above the FAQ is not clickable - looks like it might be?
    • The Head graphic puts a lot of emphasis on the FAQ link - is this intentional?
  • Move FAQ into "Need Help"


  • If there isn't a way to perceive the images, there may be no way to correctly answer the question.
  • Phrasing of the questions could be improved. Example: it seems that a question is being asked 3 times (one is a question, and the other 2 are fill-in blanks).
  • When assessment dialog is visible, focus can be put on the outer container - for what purpose?
  • Should be on a seperate content page and not a modal
  • Alt text with images:
    • Some alt text is useful - i.e. "2*2*2*2=16"
    • Some alt text is not useful - i.e. "A79206_Q85904_6"
  • What does the QuestionID mean - do all users need to see this?


  • There are multiple ways of getting to goals which could be confusing
    • "Go to Goal" checkmark link below the graphic
    • "Go to Goal" button within "More info"
  • There are multiple ways of getting to show "More info" which could be confusing
    • "More info" link below the graphic
    • "More info" when hovering over the graphic
  • The default action for the goal is to show "more info" is this desirable?
  • "Your Goals" and "All Goals" tabs. All Goals is focused first but is the second tab
  • Once you choose a goal, you switch tabs to Your Goals and other items disappear. Lacks continuity.
  • There aren't too many goals, perhaps combining the two tabs together and using a visual way of differentiating your goals from other goals
    • could use layout to separate the two types of goals.
    • could also use a drop-down filter to switch between "my goals" and "all goals".
  • Viewing "More Info" has a modal dialog which doesn't lay out properly. Two scrolling panels.
  • (question) icon is used inconsistently - sometimes pops up a modal dialog, other times shows a tooltip
  • "Add to goals" and "Go to Goals" is ambiguous - they look similar, but do different things.
  • When modal dialog is visible, you can still tab focus content in the background.
    • suggest using a page transition instead of a modal

Admin Portal

  • Under "EdReady Version Management" the Homepage tab behaviour is inconsistent with typical tab behaviour.
    • takes you to a different page, but all other tabs just switch the contents.
  • When editing the Homepage contents, the "Click to go back" is not obvious (doesn't look like a link)
    • Avoid using "Click to ..." in links and buttons. Just stating what a link or button does is sufficient. i.e. "Go back" vs. "Click to Go Back".
  • EdReady logo appears twice in header.
  • Links that look like buttons are not read back as buttons in an AT. Should have role="button"
  • "Search by tags" fields under reports reads back as a "pop-up button". Navigating the options does not report back anything - it's "hidden-accessible" and "aria-hidden=true".
  • There are 4 buttons relating to emailing
    • 2 under "Summary Reports" and 2 under "Reports".
      • Are they similar? Should all the buttons look the same or should they be different?
    • "Email Data" button link appears twice on the same page, but do different things.
    • The label "Click here to email a complete (unfiltered) dataset in Excel format" is potentially confusing:
      • It's unclear what "here" refers to - the text, or the button next to the text?
      • "complete (unfiltered) dataset" is unclear.
    • Perhaps an alternative wording could be: "Email all data in Excel format"
  • There's no way to view the contents of the reports? The only way to see it is by emailing?
  • "Actions" column only appears to have one action: "Reports". Are there other actions possible?
  • No labels