Connected LEGO blocks - Idea for learning preference survey

  • learner is asked how they prefer to be instructed.
  • On the screen there are blocks labelled: "Read the material", "Verbally taught", "Time to think", "Shown a demonstration", "Hands-on Experiment", "Group discussion" etc.
  • The user is asked to arrange the blocks in the order which they prefer to learn.
  • Blocks can be duplicated (i.e. "Time to think" can occur multiple times), and blocks can occur in parallel (i.e. Shown a Demonstration and Hands-On Experiment can happen side by side)
  • Answers to these questions can help determine what kind of content a user prefers, the tools they want, and more.
  • To see the effects of their choices, an example content is delivered in their preference and they can adjust their preferences and the example content reacts accordingly.
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  1. This is great! As a collection of actual physical manipulables (not just on-screen), it would give people (both users and teachers/others) objects to think with. Perhaps the output of the block arrangements would show up on a screen. There are a lot of analogous examples already out there, esp. in the field of music synthesis, that I've seen as prototypes. One commercial product is Sifteo.

    One way to organize it would be to require users to do something with every block -- put it in the 'I'd like this all the time' section, the 'never if I can help it' section, or something in between. This might be especially important for items like 'learn in a group or team' and 'have long sessions to work, with no interruptions', 'give a talk to the class'.

    It'd be nice to get real with this and show tradeoffs. That is, some of these choices have implications like more work, more risk, and of course higher cost. Some of this complexity doesn't need to face the user, but it might help teachers and administrators make decisions.