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TaskSub taskTimeline and DeliverablesLeadDeadline
Task 1: Stakeholder Workshops on creation of Needs and Preferences Sets for Online Accessibility11/1/2014
 1.1Plan in-person workshop   
  Planning meeting 7/25/2014
  Determine stakeholders for each topic areaWorkshop leads8/1/2014
  Determine workshop agendaWorkshop leads8/15/2014
  Determine workshop design (for overview session, breakout sessions)Megan S, Vera R8/20/2014
  Determine workshop logsiticsKate K7/25/2014
  Send list of participants/logistics/agenda to NIDRR for approvalLisa P8/5/2014
  Compile pre-reading packetWorkshop leads8/25/2014
  Approved workshop plan 9/1/2014
  Send out packets to participantsISKME9/15/2014
 1.2Convene the Workshop  9/15/2014
  Lead overview session (presentation and briefing) 9/15/2014
  Lead accessible voting sessionJan R, Gregg V9/15/2014
  Lead OER sessionLisa P., Jess9/15/2014
  Lead online educational assessment sessionMadeleine R, Jutta T9/15/2014
  Lead community-based technology support for older citizens sessionRich S, Jim T, Anastasia9/15/2014
  Workshop is completed 9/16/2014
 1.2Synthesize, digest, analyze on the workshop   
  Report out from workshop leadsWorkshop leads 
  Conduct cross-setting analysis of data/learnings from workshopRich S, Gregg V, all9/29/2014
  Compile specifications for tools(s) to be implemented in Task 2Rich S, Gregg V, all10/20/2014
  Write up report for NIDRR based on workshop analyses aboveCynthia J, Vera R11/14/2014
  Report on workshop submitted 11/14/2014
  Disseminate [something] to stakeholders participants  
Task 2 Create First Discovery Tool(s) that address the needs identified in Task 1 above5/1/2015
 2.1Monthly briefings to NIDRRLisa P, Jutta (SMEs as subject specific required)Monthly Recurring
  Create list of requirementsGregg V, Jutta T11/15/2014
  Refine co-design plan for team reviewJutta, Jess 
  Send list of requirements to NIDRR for approvalLisa P12/1/2014
 2.2Dev 1 milestone - Common features [Anastasia C, Joseph S, Jess M?] 
  Create common features  
  Stakeholder interaction and feedback (plan will be developed during initial convening and iterated on)  
  Testing, Q/A  
  Dev 1 Milestone (Common features) 2/15/2015
 2.2Dev 2 milestone - Create application setting specific features [Anastasia C, Joseph S, Jess M?]4/1/2015
  Create application setting specific features  
  Stakeholder interaction and feedback (plan will be developed during initial convening and iterated on)  
  Testing, Q/A  
  Dev 2 Milestone (Setting-specific features; tune up of Comon features) 4/1/2015
 2.2NIDRR meeting in DC Lisa P4/15/2015
  Plan agenda for NIDRR meeting  
  Complete NIDRR meeting 4/15/2015
 2.2Write objective 2 report Cynthia J, Jess M5/1/2015
  Objective 2 report submitted 5/1/2015
Task 3 Evaluate First Discovery Tools for specific application settings7/1/2015
 3.1Planning, logistics for convening   
  Send invitations to confirm date 2/15/2015
  Determine convening designMichelle B, Vera R [?]4/11/2015
  Determine convening agenda[?]4/15/2015
  Determine convening logsiticsKate K3/1/2015
  Send list of logistics/agenda to NIDRR for approvalLisa P4/15/2015
  Approved workshop plan 4/20/2015
 3.1Convene the workshop   
  Lead/facilitate the convening[?]5/15/2015
  Convening is completed 5/15/2015
 3.2Write-up of convening analysis   
  Conduct workshop analysis[?]6/5/2015
  Write report based on analysisVera R, Cynthia J6/19/2015
  Report on convening submitted 6/19/2015
 3.2Final report of full project Vera R, Cynthia J 
  Final report submitted 7/1/2015
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