Future Meeting

  • Brazilian Taxi Co-ops
  • Metrics and analytics
  • All the different mailing lists (discussion list, mailing list, community updates) - how to streamline

Feb 7, 2019 Meeting

  • Desktop view of the website
  • Any questions about the copy deck

November 15, 2018 Meeting

November 8, 2018 Meeting

  • Submitted scope of work document

October 25, 2018 Meeting

October 18, 2018 Meeting - Dana, Colin, Michelle, Trebor, Michael (Jutta cannot attend):

  • brief update on graphic for project deliverables
  • website redesign - brief update, next steps, discuss additional needs input from Trebor and Michael, and review timeline for completion
  • open discussion on timelines for Kit deliverables. Michael and Trebor are working on the timeline for the deliverables for the Kit (like the Interactive Map, online Learning Commons, Legal resources hosted online, etc.) so we need to begin thinking through what is a realistic timeframe for the IDRC building the software for these components.
  • set standing meeting check-in time – Dana, Michelle, Colin do you have preferences or thoughts for what works best? Trebor and Jutta discussed a weekly meeting. Does this time slot (Thursdays at 2pm) work?

September 19, 2018

  • clarification and questions about emailing contacts on the list provided
  • confirm the expectation for the October 15 date for platform.coop site
  • discuss design mockups
  • co-design planning - on-site with SEWA (need letter from Trebor) and other 
  • project deliverables graphic - clarify request from Trebor

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