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Present: Dana, Liam

TIG Update

  • Contract is ready - just need details from Karisma and FUTCO before final sign-off
  • Collaboration with FUTCO on OER? What are their expectations?
    • There are possibilities but need to know the details
    • Need to work it into workplan as needed
  • Inclusive organising toolkit
    • Series of definitions eg. emotional labour, diff between fragility and vulnerability
    • Activities and conversations - allowing people to feel comfortable - creating a safe space for critique
    • Getting more feedback as a result! Conversations about micro-aggression, other
    • A little bit messy in a good way
    • Workshop on self-care yesterday in staff meeting
    • Need to consider how to add new people to the group, once trust has been established with a given group of people
    • Letting someone new in without consideration doesn’t work - just in the name of inclusion - needs consideration
    • Can you share activities with IDRC? Putting in the toolkit
    • Including the Wander Walk
      • Walking aimlessly through space may not be possible or safe
      • Reflection based on having led the activity and iterated on the fly
      • Include reflection in the toolkit
    • Quarterly planning activities using Padlet
    • Have a regular activity already to reflect on the week (15 5’s)
    • Include reflections in the toolkit? Depersonalize them, a bit more formal
  • SDG toolkit - external contract person
    • Kicking off now that contract is done
    • Will have an onboarding meeting
  • Indigenous language stuff just starting
    • Future pathways - leadership, employment, education
    • Summit at OCAD at some point
    • Series of plant drawings - Evergreen Brickworks - May 9
    • Was going to be public, but now private event
  • Using WAV extension to do accessibility audits on TIG’s sites
    • Alt-text in various languages, including Indigenous languages

IDRC update

  • Working with Caren and Sepi on storytelling website
    • Want to get a one-pager up soon
    • Working on context - focus is on learning to learn but also the tool can be useful in many different contexts
  • Gregor working away on adding functionality
  • Dana adding more content to SJRK site
    • Please provide any info about past and future events - to add to the site
  • Otherwise have just been working on the budgets/contract stuff

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