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Dana, Michelle, Tata

Karisma/Tata Update

  • Recently travelled to Fresno

  • Travelled to the countryside

  • Went to 5 schools, met the students

  • Met with Victoria, Giovanna

  • In town of Fresno - met with others too

  • Realised the impact of the project on the schools

  • Lots of enthusiam for the project!

  • Las Marias, Real Campestre - these 2 schools were already involved

  • Kids intention is to make / post videos through Wikipedia

  • Children need to know about their history in general,

  • Important that local people lead the workshops

    • Go, learn but come back to the region - this is the message

  • Met 3 key people -

    • Ivan has an independent cultural centre, through art teaches the history of Fresno

      • El Riconda L’Arte (?)

    • Alexandra is a communication professional - makes videos in Youtube

      • Knows how to create narrative, make cell phone videos

    • “Ivan of the mountain” - review the history of Fresno, blog, knows how to author digital content

  • They are familiar with the SJRK/Planeta project

  • Tata sent us the budget - Dana to put together with TIG and FUTCO to create sub-award agreement

  • Kids have started making videos

  • Next steps:

    • Planning the workshops with the 3 people and with Victoria

    • Prepare a paper to describe

  • Will help to create material for the local network

  • 2 groups

    • 1st year - they want more :)

    • 2nd year

    • Alexandra may make a tutorial about making videos, share it on the local network

  • In 2 weeks, Tata should know the next steps/plan

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