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  • Dana

  • Gregor

  • James

  • Juliana

  • Liam

  • Michelle



  • Reviewing storytelling tool architecture and code

    • Will continue later this week

  • Specs from Hector re: school devices and student’s personal devices

    • Tablets and devices around ~5 years old, similar versions of software

  • Working on sketching up the storytelling tool in different contexts - this

  • Presented our experiences in Colombia

  • Website - Avtar not here today

  • We would like to have other groups try the tool and provide feedback

    • Perhaps we’d like to get more modalities into it before showing it again?

      • Add Video and Transcribing Recorder?

    • Timing is also potentially an issue

    • Get some feedback on how various groups can use the tool in their contexts


  • Translation of our survey questions

  • Translating the responses - photos of handwritten responses! :)

  • Popular question - when will we do the next workshop??

  • Main issues - seed sovereignty, gender

  • Like the experience of writing some stories

  • Meeting with Hector, Pilar, Carolina soon - about future of project

    • Expensive to do the workshops, to bring students to Fresno etc

  • How to continue El Planeta Es la Escuela?

    • Idea - make it a once/year festival in Fresno

    • Gather groups from Medllín

    • Youth and tech focused

    • Working toward the festival is good motivation - do different projects with a goal of presenting it at the festival

      • Improve sense of collectivity, community

    • Can invite other groups beyond the project

    • Making sustainable connections

    • Themes related to tech and needs  - how tech can meet those needs

    • Sustainability - worried about their dependence on Karisma - they have the resources to support themselves

    • Encourage a sense of collectivity and togetherness among the youth - beyond school assignments etc

    • James - how to engage them in sports activities? All ages, etc.

  • Working with an intern in Mexico who is working in inclusive design of websites - she is creating a coalition to support the work beyond Mexico


  • Outline for SDG toolkit complete - aiming for first draft this week.

  • Attended Guelph Accessibility Conference and connected with Speak Your Mind Foundation

  • Artist Friend from Montréal looking to turn brain scans into music / audio / vibration - using Muse headband - relates to work on Nexus - A link to the Nexus Science Lab video Liam mentioned:

  • Could upload video content from Create2Learn to storytelling tool - internet speeds in the communities may be challenging, so centralized uploading likely to work better

  • Connecting with Sepideh and Simon about Sidewalk Toronto connection w IDRC


  • Follow-up action plan?

    • Storytelling tool co-design could be a part of that plan

  • What works within the plan?

  • Meeting next month with UWEZO?

  • Meet next week with James - we will find a time to meet to talk in more detail about next steps

  • So far mostly planning - not as much engagement - focus was on understanding the context in Rwanda - the informal economy (not sustainable)

  • They want training in inclusive design

  • How to work with young people who have never been to school? Those living in poverty/slums? Those with disabilities?

    • How to support these youth organisations to develop inclusive practices? To reach the young people at the margins? What tools?

    • How to support young people at the margins to support themselves? How to use the technology available to them? How to make it sustainable?

    • 80% have access to cell phones

    • They have free access to internet in community centres

    • Community centres are not well utilized - no motivation, no sense of direction for those at the margins -

  • How to share learning across different project partners/locations?

  • Report is finished

    • Need to follow up with some of the young people

  • Was just in Uganda and Ethiopia:

    • Village savings and loan

      • Community budgeting e.g. developing community centres where information can be shared

      • Playground

      • Engage young people in sports activities?

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