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I've attached copies of my slides and a couple of docs that may be helpful: a compact list of common HTML accessibility elements, the evaluation protocols we're using at MSU to review websites, and a short list of JAWS keystrokes. Please note that the evaluation protocols are based upon WCAG 1.0, with the exception of requiring sites to function with JavaScript turned off.

At some point we will migrate to WCAG 2.0-based evaluation and I'll publish our revised protocols.

Also, here are links to the open source screen readers mentioned by Colin:

Orca works with unix-based applications (such as open office) that support the AT-SPI (GNOME Desktop). I haven't tried it out.

NVDA works on Windows-OS. The best browser to use is Firefox, although it also works (with limited keystroke commands) on Internet Explorer. One of its benefits (as Colin pointed out) is that it is based on new buffers (rather than legacy buffers, like IE), that work better with dynamic content. I've tried it out on a couple of websites and it works fine; I have not tried it out with Fluid (or other dynamic) components yet. I will post the results when I do. In the meantime, feel free to beat me to it. <smile>

Hope this is useful. Thanks for all the good questions and discussion!

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