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The Project

Funder: Federal Government of Canada, Office for Disability Issues (housed within ESDC—Employment and Social Development Canada)


Developing Recommendations for a Canadian Approach to Standards and Regulations for Federal Public Procurement of Accessible Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). 

Goals of Project

Special attention will be paid to innovation-supportive regulatory design, and measures that result in systemic transformation with impact beyond the public sector, thereby showing leadership in inclusive practices.

Action Items

Key action items:

  1. Expert interviews and analysis of accessible procurement policies, practices and implementations in other jurisdictions
  2. Hold a conference that brings together relevant stakeholders and experts
  3. Provide recommendations for a Canadian approach for procurement regulations for the public sector and the federally-regulated private sector.

Working Documents

Harnessing Sociotechnology to Benefit Accessible ICT

Canadian Accessible Procurement Workshop AGENDA

Project Resources

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