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from Jutta's email:

 the "experimental toolkit for metacognition”

 Just to be clear, “dashboard” is only a term we used to associate our efforts with something people know about. We want the student to not only be in the driver’s seat but to be the architects of the “dashboard."

 You are right, the presentation of the data gathered in a usable way is one of the critical challenges we are addressing by projects such as the sonification project in FLOE; and part of the overall workflow for the students. This workflow includes formulating questions, constructing the query through data gathering instruments (journals, monitors, sensors, computer searches, etc.), capturing data, analyzing data, reflecting on results, drawing conclusions, applying conclusions and iterating.  



1. flow of getting to the dashboard and all the decisions that should be made along the way

2. map of all the challenges, limitations and decisions that should be made within the dashboard

Link to mindmap for Use-case "Michael":

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