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Current Work

Authoring: Storytelling

Demo: Story Authoring

My Lifelong Learning Lab

Wiki: Self-Assessment


Wiki: Sonification

Wiki: Floe Sonification Framework

Text to Speech

Docs: Text To Speech API

Citizen Research

Video: Nexus Science Lab

Design Toolkit

Inclusive Design Guide

Inclusive Learning Design Handbook

PhET Simulations

PhET Accessibility

Design: John Travoltage

Design: Energy Skate Park

Paused and Past Work


Chart Authoring

Demo: Pie Chart

Metadata Authoring

Demo: Metadata Authoring

Design: Content Finding

OER Authoring

Design: OER Commons authoring tool mockups


Demo: Metadata and Feedback Gathering on OER

Design Toolkit

Wiki: Inclusive Design Toolkit

Wiki: The Inclusive Design Guide

Wiki: Design Handbook

First Discovery

Demo: First Discovery Tool with Server

Demo: First Discovery

UI Options

Design: Mobile and Responsive


Video: Security and Privacy Architecture

Video Player

Demo: Video Player with UIO panel


Wiki: Edify


Accessibility Sprint 2015

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