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Action Items 

1. Internal team communication:
a)- there is a sense that our communication (and planning) so far has been fragmented and indirect, primarily between Trebor and Jutta without the full IDRC team
- we need a way to discuss decisions and plans directly as a full team, in the spirit of a cooperative - the full team needs to be “in on” the planning and issue resolution
- we will make use of the internal mail list for team communication and include the full team (Trebor, Michael, and the IDRC team members) and avoid the sense of top-down broken-telephone communication
b) Michael will find a time for weekly check-ins that includes the full team
c) we will also make use of the wiki to document decisions and issues that arise

2. The PCC site:
- the UX needs to be improved (e.g., navigation) - but we can keep the current site
- we need to add the community engagement and a more dynamic communication element
(this is a prime area where the discussion needs to include the full design and development team, as well as input from prospective/current larger community members)

Issues that require further discussion:

1. - Meeting the specific needs of the individual co-ops vs. meeting generalizable needs that are reusable by other platform co-ops
2. - How to engage the larger community and communicate that this is a collective effort - creating a site and structures for the collective effort
- The discussion we need to have with the community about Google is not just why we would “sleep with the enemy,” but also that this is still a co-operative or collective effort, that the grant does not pay for everything needed by the community, we are primarily creating infrastructure whereby the community can co-operate and share resources
3. Google wants a product (and impact metrics), while our sense is that what is needed is a co-opeartive process and infrastructure to support the process - how do we resolve this tension
4. How do we manage partner expectations and keep to our grant commitment?

From Dana's email to the list August 22, 2018:

While testing out the new mailing list I thought I would also forward links to the docs that were shared at the meeting last week. The first is a list of the stakeholder groups (with a link to the second doc), though it looks like Trebor and Michael you have been adding stakeholder contacts to the second doc instead? So perhaps the first is obsolete.

One question I have is whether or not these contacts are expecting to hear from us, and/or whether/how much information we need to provide them with re: background information on the project?

To reiterate the plan - the idea is that we (IDRC) will contact the stakeholders to gather their needs and preferences for the development toolkit. Do I have that right?

Wanted also to confirm the expectation for the October 15 date that Trebor and Jutta agreed to. As I understood, this will include a restructuring of the site / reworking the navigation, as well as updated/more engaging look (at least for the landing page for now), and possibly also some video testimonials (from coop workers). 

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