Workshop 1 Co-design Agenda

June 8, 2:30-4pm ET, 90 min total

Join 15 min early

Debrief Wed June 9 3pm ET


  • (5 min) Settle in
  • (5 min) Logistics
  • (1 min) Plan for today
  • (5 min) Project Overview
  • (10 min) Introductions
  • (5 min) Describe breakout group activity 
  • (40 min) Breakout groups (5 participants each)
  • (5 min) Large group share back 
  • (5 min) Describe prep activity for Workshop 2 
  • (5 min) Questions
  • 86 min total

Detailed Breakdown

Settling in (5 min)

Logistics (5 min) - BEING

  • [Spotlight all facilitators?]
  • Recording - everyone ok with that? Or turn off your video if not?
  • [Press record]
  • Technical issues - we’ll try to sort it out in the chat, if that’s not working, Rachel or Ayesh will call you
  • Breaks as needed
  • Use Zoom hand or raise your hand or wave or msg in chat when you want to speak--different ways to indicate
  • If possible it would be great if you can say your name before you speak
  • We’ll be together until 4pm eastern time today

Plan for today - slide (1 min)



  • Project Overview
  • Introductions
  • Introduce breakout group activity 
  • Breakout groups
  • Large group share back & discussion
  • Introduce in-between activity for Workshop 2 
  • Questions

BEING Futures Project Summary (5 min)


  • [Spotlight Caren, Dana, Michelle]
  • Welcome to Mission BEING Futures! 
  • I’m Caren, I’m Dana, I’m Michelle
  • We’re from the Inclusive Design Research Centre
  • And today we’ll be working together with you to co-design the future of BEING
  • The full mission includes 3 workshops and some in between activities you can do on your own.
  • More to come about that at the end of today’s workshop. 
  • Today is workshop 1 and we’ll be doing a Feelings Activity in breakout groups
  • [Caren to animate LIVE: Using images from animation as guide?]

Introductions @2:45pm (10 min)


  • [No spotlighting] 
    • Before we head into our breakout rooms
  • Let’s start by going around the Zoom room and say your Name and a feeling, and then choose a colour, sound or texture that you associate with the feeling (or that could represent the feeling).
    • Facilitators to introduce selves as well
  • [At the end]:
  • Your [happy] is different than my [happy] 
  • how I express that feeling is different than how you might express that feeling
  • Today we want to explore what various feelings mean to you, what feelings are important to you
  • There are different experiences of feeling
    • For example, in the podcast Up Down Round and Round where Frances and others were exploring different definitions of love. And Debbie said in the intro of “There's so many different kinds of love. My passion for dragons is love to like. You can see it in my artwork, what I love about dragons.”

Describe Breakout Group Activity @2:55pm (5 min)


  • [Spotlight Caren and Dana]
    • We will be sharing the things we like to do in our small group (from the prompt / prep work you did), 
    • We will explore your feelings related to the thing you like to do
    • We will create a group collection of feelings 
    • Why are we gathering feelings? 
      • You’ll be able to use them as inspiration for some creative work between workshops 1 and 2, and during workshop 2. They may help with the thinking about the things you want for the future of BEING
    • Today, each of you will have a chance to share the thing you like to do or the object or thing you brought
    • We will talk together and ask each other questions to explore and discover more about your feelings  [encourage artist conversations]
  • [We want everyone to be able to ask each other questions, including artists and facilitators, and to have a conversation]
  • [Show all our triplets of feelings words]
    • We’ve gathered some feeling words inspired by BEING’s artist bios, BEING podcasts and a list of feeling words created for kind and loving communication
    • [Dana shows print outs and Caren read aloud]
    • We’ll have these feelings lists handy so you can ask to see them at any time
    • We might show you some of these again to help with the discussion too
    • You don’t have to use these feelings, you might think of other ones
  • If you haven’t done any prep-work, that’s ok, we’ll figure it out together
  • We will re-group together at 3:45pm (no Zoom timer set)

Breakout Group Activity - aim to start by 3pm (40 minutes)

  • [Spotlight Caren or Dana as needed - if we are showing feelings, and at end of small group session to zoom in on the individual feelings stars]
  • [Press record in new room]
  • [Leave 2 minutes at the end to show all the stars up close]
    • Just like we talked about in the intro, your [feeling] is different than my [feeling], so let’s explore what these feelings mean to you
    • We showed you some examples of feelings word
      • Do you want to see them again now?
      • You can ask to see the feeling words at any time
      • We might show you some of these again to help with the discussion
      • You don’t have to use these ones, you might think of other ones
    • Everyone can share at any time, but we want to make sure that each artist has a chance to talk about the thing they like to do and their feelings about it
    • Everyone can ask questions 
  • [See prompt questions at bottom of this doc]
  • [What we are documenting on boards:
    • Name
    • A word or two to summarize their “thing”
    • Feelings
    • Colour, texture, sound, taste
    • Thoughts/ideas (one word)]

Large group Shareback @ 3:45pm (5 min)


  • [No spotlighting]
  • Welcome back everyone!
  • First Dana and I are going to read out some of the feelings that came up in our small groups, then we can all have a short discussion about the experience
  • [Dana, Caren, indicate their group board, read a feeling from each star for each of our groups, no names]
  • Ask the whole group: What was that like? Did you feel there were alot of the same feelings? Different feelings? Opposing feelings?

Describe Workshop 2 Prep Activity (5 min)


  • [Spotlight Caren, Dana]
  • We will be sending you a prompt about the prep activity to explain all the details by the end of this week
  • In the meantime here is some information:
    • We will be using feelings to inspire you to think about BEING past/present/future
    • We’ll ask you to consider BEING events (like Artist Connect), activities (like visiting artist workshops), things on the website (like the SPEAK podcast, or artist directory), or any new ideas that bring up the feelings we talked about today and any other feelings 
    • Using art to express what you like and even what you don’t like about BEING, and what you want BEING to be like when we can be in person again - the hybrid of online and in-person
    • You will start to create your planet BEING Futures
    • Workshop 2 we will come together to explore more and collaboratively put it all together 
    • You will be receiving some materials in your artist kits you can use.
  • If you have questions you can bring them to your BEING facilitators/home group [BEING facilitators]

QUESTIONS? Suggestions? Reflections? (5 minutes) 

[No spotlighting]



Prompt Questions

Feeling-specific questions

  • How do you feel when you do X?
  • Did/do you feel anything else?
  • Can you describe that feeling for us?
  • What does [happy] look like?
  • What does it mean to be [open-hearted]? 
  • What does [tenderness] mean to you? 
  • What else do you associate with that feeling?
  • What other feelings are important to you?
  • Do others relate to this experience?

Questions about experiences:

  • What is it about X that you like?
  • Can you tell us more about that?
  • What happened next?
  • Who else was there?
  • Where were you?


Feelings groups of 3:

Encouraged - Inspired - Trusting

Joyful - Open hearted - Enthusiastic

Connected - Proud - Hopeful

Interested - Confident - Brave

Adventurous - Calm - Satisfied

Powerful - Creative - Supported 


Co-facilitation support

  • Noticing someone wanting to participate
    • Hands, chat, gestures
    • Watching for indications of wanting to participate
  • Prompting with questions
  • Drawing out quieter participants
  • Going around and asking everybody - want to make sure it doesn’t feel like an interview in front of a crowd!
    • Others relating to the experience?
    • Someone says something resonant - make space for that
  • Artists say name before they share, so we know even if not looking

Reference: List of BEING Events and Activities

To provide examples when introducing Workshop 1-2 In-between Activity


  • Artist Connect - online
  • In the Making - in person


  • Open studio time - in person
  • In-person visiting artist workshops - in person
  • Online (Zoom) visiting artist workshops - online
  • Story telling workshop - in person
  • Online (Zoom) Home Group meetings - online
  • In-person Home Group meetings - in person

Website Content / Features

  • Artist directory
  • BEING shop 
  • CLICK magazine
  • SPEAK podcast 


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