Workshop 2 Co-design Agenda

July 6, 2:30-4pm ET, 90 min total

Join 15 min early


  • (5 min) Settle in
  • (2 min) Logistics
  • (2 min) Plan for today
  • (2 min) Quick review of Workshop 1
  • (5 min) Caren/Dana/Michelle - intro/art
  • (5 min) Describe breakout group activity 
  • (45 min) Breakout groups
  • (10 min) Large group share back discussion
  • (2 min) Describe next steps and Workshop 3 September 
  • (3 min) Questions

Detailed Breakdown

Settling in (5 min)

Logistics (2 min) - BEING

    • [Spotlight all facilitators?]
  • [Note - if 5 or less participants, we’ll stay in one group]
    • Recording - everyone ok with that? Or turn off your video if not
  • [Press record]
  • Technical issues - we’ll try to sort it out in the chat, if that’s not working, Rachel or Ayesh will call you
  • Breaks as needed
  • Use Zoom hand or raise your hand or wave or msg in chat when you want to speak--different ways to indicate
  • If possible it would be great if you can say your name before you speak
  • We’ll be together until 4pm eastern time today

Plan for today - slide (2 min) 

Dana - slide - share screen

Quick review of Workshop 1 (2 min)


  • In workshop 1 we talked about the things you like to do and your feelings about them
  • We put together these feeling constellations and sent them to you
  • Point to feelings constellations (Zoom backgrounds), read out some of the feelings

Dana/Caren/Michelle share some art (5 min)

  • We want to share some of our art work with you, because we didn’t do that last time, and we’re asking you to share your work with us, and we know it can be a vulnerable experience
  • Each share one thing we’ve made and a brief comment about it

Describe Breakout Group Activity (5 min)


  • [Spotlight Dana]
  • We asked you to create some art that shows what you want on planet BEING Futures
  • In our breakout groups you can share any art you’ve created 
  • If you don’t have art to share you can share some ideas with us about what you want on planet BEING Futures
  • Then we’ll have a small group discussion about the things you like and want at BEING in the future. 
  • We will re-group together at 3:45pm (no Zoom timer set)

Breakout Group Activity - aim to start by 3pm latest (45 minutes)

  • [Press record in new room]
  • [Spotlight each artist when they are showing their work]
  • Groups of 3-5 - 45 min total
  • Start with video prompt questions
  • Each artist shares work / thoughts 
  • Gather ideas about BEING Futures as they share
  • Then open discussion with prompt questions and list of activities (share pdf and text in chat) as appropriate

Large group Shareback @ 3:45pm (10 min)


  • [No spotlighting]
  • Welcome back everyone!
  • Does anyone want to share a summary or comment on what you discussed in your small group?
  • If quiet, Caren and Dana can start with a quick summary of each group

Describe Workshop 3 Next Steps (2 min)


  • [No spotlighting]
  • Workshop 3 September 28th
  • We’ll put together what we’ve done in these 2 workshops and send out to you in August
  • Workshop 3 we will be talk more about the BEING Future plan and get your feedback
  • If you have questions at any time you can bring them to your BEING facilitators/home group [BEING facilitators]


[No spotlighting]



Prompt Questions

Begin small group with the following:

  • We asked you to create some art that shows what you want on planet BEING Futures
  • If you don’t have art to share you can share some ideas with us about what you want on planet BEING Futures
  • And just a reminder of the questions we asked you in the prompt:
    • What BEING activities do you want to keep doing?
    • What BEING activities do you want to keep, but do differently?
    • What new things do you want to try? 


  • Who would like to share first?

Artwork prompts:

  • Does your artwork represent the things you want at BEING in the future? Can you tell us about that?
  • What does [some aspect of the artwork] represent for you?
  • Does your artwork capture some of the feelings you (want to) feel when you’re at BEING? Can you tell us more about that?

Open prompts:

  • What did you like best about [activity]?
  • What else did you like about it?
  • Is there anything you might change to make [activity] better?
  • How do others feel about that activity 
  • Does this make others think of any other BEING Futures ideas?
  • How would you imagine doing [in-person activity] on Zoom? 
  • How would you imagine doing [zoom activity] in-person?
  • What BEING activity most excites you?
  • What BEING activity least excites you?
  • What one thing do you miss the most from in-studio activities?
  • What one thing have you liked the most from BEING Home activities?

Reference: List of BEING Events and Activities

(can grab for Zoom chat copy and paste)

*see prompt images


~ Zoom workshops (Art Sparks, Artist Connect)

~ Weekly Zoom Meetings

~ Art kits

~ Making art at home

~ Showing your art on Zoom

~ Collaborating (SPEAK & CLICK) 

~ Learning new tech skills (Zoom, other)

BEING In the Studio 

~ Making art in the studio 

~ Using materials and studio space

~ Visiting artists (In the Making)

~ Artist workshop series (Christopher Griffen)

~ Gallery exhibitions (Tarnation)

BEING On the web


    ~ CLICK

    ~ SPEAK

    ~ SHOP

~ ARTIST directory (bios and artwork)

~ EVENTS listing

~ Social media (Instagram, Facebook, other)

~ Showing your art online (CLICK, directory, social media)

Reference: Co-facilitation support

  • Noticing someone wanting to participate
    • Hands, chat, gestures
    • Watching for indications of wanting to participate
  • Prompting with questions
  • Drawing out quieter participants
  • Going around and asking everybody - want to make sure it doesn’t feel like an interview in front of a crowd!
    • Others relating to the experience?
    • Someone says something resonant - make space for that
  • Artists say name before they share, so we know even if not looking

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