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On this page we explore examples of physical kiosk design. We conducted a two day survey on the structural design of kiosks globally, then focused of a few, as listed below that provide insight into the types of functionality a kiosk could provide.

Arc design (custom fabrication)

Arc Design is a design consultancy specializing in interactive kiosk design, custom kiosk design, interactive retail displays and retail fixturing.

ULTIMedia Matrix 2009

ULTIMedia is a industry kiosk manufacturer who specializes in providing turn-key solutions for business operations, they have an interesting vertical ULTIMtouch scree W 733 X H 1908 X D 160

Meridian, Model DS

The Meridian, Model DS

SeePoint, Model Display-point

The SeePoint, Model Display-point

Dicoll (Built in printer)

Dicoll is a kiosk manufacturer in the UK that has designed the Bravo kiosk that allows customers to interact with a whole host of information resources through its 17" or 19" screen and has a full colour A4 laser printer installed.

Other references

Natural History Science Museum (projected wall touch-screen)

This large touch screen display was used as an installation feature.  It was an experiment that allowed visitors to use a large screen that can have objects manipulated by multiple control points (i.e. multiple "mouse" pointers) allowing for a shared experience. Cost was also a factor, so 8 foot touch screens were not an option.

Disability Discrimination Act compliant 

This touchscreen kiosk was designed from the outset to be Disability Discrimination Act compliant whilst enhancing usability for all. It is powder coated steel accommodates and adapts to a wide range of client specified hardware, software and functions allowing easy and economical production and updating.

Ideum (multiuser table)

Ideum has introduced the this kiosk for museums and other busy public environments, the high-resolution MT-50 multitouch table supports intuitive gestures, allowing visitors to explore custom exhibits. With multiuser support, the MT-50 Table serves as a gathering place, allowing visitors to interact with museum content and each other.

Other Examples
Product Services

ARTICLE: Museums and Vendors Need to be More Creative With Kiosk Interfaces

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