Next Co-Design session in early February

-        Find a way to build on what we did in the previous one; maybe more creative activities

-        Monday or Tuesday (5th or 6th of Feb - Tuesday preferred)


If we do something similar to last time we’ll get results similar to last time

-        Additive to last time


Brainstorm creative activities - can we take the things we learned last time and fold them into next time

-        If there’s anything not being considered, have people fold it in

-        Drawing, sketching, capturing their thinking about what that would look like

-        What we didn’t get to

-        Thought to how to bring where we got last time


Pre-design for this one: could we have examples of the kinds of things people were thinking through, have lots of them that could have them move to a stage where we are moving around examples of the kinds of things, e.g. printouts of artworks, descriptions, research that would go into it and have people move things around

-        Pre-organization architecture

-        What are people working with and moving through when using the platform

-        Narratives of use for the platform à telling the story of their use by assembling the pieces and moving them around


Coming back to more basic questions


You don’t just stand and look at it, back up, go around, etc. - how many different perspectives can we look at something through

-        What pieces of the apparatus are part of this?


Having both physical blocks as one way of working but also digital artifacts for people to play around with

-        Bare bones

-        Different ways of interacting with a potential design

-        Something a little more tangible


Summarize survey results


Invitations: think about what people do and where they’re coming from when designing the activities

-        In the last one it seemed majority academics/teachers/professors/researchers

-        Who is in the room and what is the best way to engage how they work

-        Tracy talked about inviting 2 developers they work with: could be interesting to have a developer present as they work with archiving and content all of the time, using their time wisely, thinking about what kind of activities would be more in line with their practices


Invite at least one person from last time – not to be the representatives of the history

-        Nancy Halifax really enjoyed it

-        Schulich school professor also pretty jazzed


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