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Dana, Sepideh, Alan, Andrea
  • Send Andrea an email with bio (150 words max), photo, dietary needs, accessibility needs

  • Bio - who you are, what you do, your interests etc. - to help with interacting with each other

  • Facilitation? Note-taking?

    • What are people’s roles?

    • We can each participate in the groups - avoid sense of being watched

    • We don’t have a preconceived notion of the design

    • Be clear that we are not the experts

    • Andrea making notes in the larger groups?

    • How else to record observations? Maybe more about observations about the process after the fact

    • Have a common google doc - assign someone in group to take notes

      • Give the option of hand-written notes and we can add to google doc later

    • Participants can add ideas after the fact

  • Tracy and Andrea will introduce the project

  • IDRC will introduce the process

  • Split into groups?

    • Andrea will check in about this

  • Get some chairs without arms

  • Handouts? Large print - one for each design activity

    • Digital copy as well - send out with the access guide - at least a day before

      • Aim for end of day Monday

    • No requests yet for ASL, transcribing or description

  • Will set up another checkin meeting for Monday the 16th - Dana will email

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