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  • Half of participants will be deaf. 
  • BiT is working on hiring/booking ASL interpreters - 
    • hoping to have 3 or 4 interpreters - is that enough? Will need at least 4
      • Would help to know if participants want/use ASL or not, or use other means of communicating
    • Could group deaf participants together so that we don’t need an interpreter during the small group work - just to relay information to and from the group
    • Will have a better idea as we confirm the participants
    • What about captioning? 
      • Waiting to ask participants about their preferences may be waiting too long to book someone
      • BiT team knows someone who might be willing to be on standby
      • What about auto-captioning? It probably doesn’t work that well 
  • Between 15-20 participants.
  • Likely no low-vision or blind participants
  • 5-6 returning participants
  • Mix of returning, deaf community and hearing folks, social position and employment relations for academia and art
  • Want to group participants according to “what they do in the world”/how they might use the platform
    • Because we want them to develop user story(s) based on shared experiences
    • May end up having a lot of artists - will probably break them into 2 groups
  • Site map and mockups - tactile version?
    • Site map - Blocks that can be moved around
    • Mockups - create something in Google slides and have a station at each table so folks can work digitally if they want to - to move the blocks around?
    • Let’s stick to physical printouts, since we tried using Google Draw last time and no one used it
  • BiT is organising the food - we can send contact info for our caterer

Day Schedule:

  • 3rd activity, co-design the session - summarize them for the folks and see what they are interested in
  • Prepare a list of questions

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