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Welcome Zoom-o-nauts, to Project BEING Futures!

We’re excited to be on this mission into the future with you!

On Tuesday June 8, our first workshop, we’ll start with a Feelings Activity. 

To prepare for the workshop we want you to think about one thing you like to do.

To help you prepare, you could think about 

  • What your favourite thing is, or
  • Something that makes you feel good, or
  • One thing you have enjoyed doing.

During the workshop we are going to explore some of the feelings you might have when you do the things you like. Some things you might feel are

  • Trusting and safe,
  • Curious and inspired,
  • Calm or excited,
  • Proud,
  • Or some combination of these or other things.

If possible, you can bring something to the workshop on Tuesday that reminds you of the thing you like to do. It could be 

  • an object you have at home, 
  • a word written on a piece of paper, 
  • a drawing, 
  • or really anything that you choose

This will be something you share with the group that can help to remind you of the thing you like to do. 

During workshop 1 we will explore our experiences and feelings together in more detail.

Watch a video version of Prompt 1 here:

See you on the Zoom spaceship on June 8!

Dana, Caren and Michelle

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