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Hello Everyone!

Welcome back, to project BEING Futures! 

We had a great time talking with you in Workshop #1 about the things you like to do and your feelings about them. 

Workshop #2 will take place on Tuesday July 6 from 2:30-4pm

During Workshop #2 we’ll talk about your dreams for the future of BEING, 

and we’ll be exploring some of the following questions:

  • What BEING events and activities do you want to keep the same?
  • What BEING events and activities do you want to do differently?
  • And what new BEING events and activities do you want to try? 

When answering these questions you can think about

  • The things you did at BEING in the past when you were in-person together in the studio,
  • The things you’ve done at BEING on Zoom, and on the website, over the last year.

It might also help to think about any experiences you’ve had at BEING that bring up some of the same feelings you shared in Workshop #1, when you talked about the things you like to do.

In preparation for workshop #2, we would like you to make some art that expresses what you want at BEING in the future. 

To create your art, you can use the cut-outs that you received in your artist kits, by writing the names of the BEING Future activities that you want onto the cut-outs, and collaging them onto your Planet BEING Futures. And you can use any of the other materials in your art kit to add to your collage by drawing or painting, or anything you like.

During workshop #2, you’ll share the art you’ve created with the group, and we’ll talk more about your ideas for what you want at BEING in the future.

We’re excited to see what you create!

See you on July 6!

Dana, Caren, Michelle

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Like I can fly


In a different world


Not sad

No doubt



Not scared


Like a big kid

Live a little






In charge of self





Up in the air

No worry


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