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  • one of the participants had spent years to learn about the medical terms related to learning disabilities to be able to navigate around it
  • School systems use term 'Identification' which refers to identifying children with learning disabilities and how the curriculum should be delivered to them; what are the required accommodations
  • knowing more about medical terms allows you more clearly explain how inclusion can help
  • Making sure this is useful for Floe projects as well as the SJRK project.
    • Looking outside of the conventional schooling and non-educational context
    • Consider self-learning. What opportunities we can provide for learning
    • Looking at the large value learning differences brings to a class and somehow translating that knowledge for social justice groups, activists, disability groups that need special education
    • Thinking about concrete example, such as training material for jobs, access information for jobs, making information authoring more accessible.
  • Looking at different projects that are trying to get outside of formal education:
  •  Thinking about the terms Strengths and Needs (commonly used in context of kids in school). The terms seem to come from the medical or school environment and not from the kids/youth themselves. how kids would frame the idea behind Strenghts? Enjoy, Interest, Fun
  • earning the medical terms help students own those terms and reframe them in their
  • Persons who are in charge of space, such as teachers can tell stories about their past experiences with learning disabilities - children love those stories and it impacts who they perceive disability

  • Think about knowledge translation and how to reframe this content for outside of the formal educational context : activists
  • In the future we can work on creating subsets for the inclusive design guide
  • if we also think the educational system isn't going to change and there are still students with learning needs and what types of tools we can give them to help improve their learning experience.
  • for our purposes we can think about Learning&participating outside the classroom, that self-directed learning and self-discovery of strengths becomes even more important, we can work more on activities to discover strengths
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