Excercise Goals 

  • Achieve shared meaning of component ideas
  • Synthesize and group component ideas
  • Prioritize component ideas for the "Fluid Roadmap" (see below for prioritization attributes)
    • Top 5 components
    • For all:  High, Medium, Low Priority to be further prioritized in later Fluid planning exercises

The Exercise

Participants write component ideas on post-it notes (mostly pre-summit) - 1/2 hour

  • Participants will writeup component ideas/UI resuable solutions on post-it notes prior to the summit.  The description may focus on a component or an area of pain indentified in the UX Walkthroughs.  Further discussion, fleshing out and synthesis of ideas will happen during the categorization & synthesis activity
  • Post-it coding:  uPortal = blue, Moodle = yellow, Sakai = purple

Idea categorization and synthesis - 3 hours

  • Grouping on wall (similar to card sorting)
  • Discussion of ideas that need clarification

Prioritization - 3 hours

  • Synthesized ideas placed in "frequency of use / Criticality quadrants
  • Tag with additional attributes
    • technical feasibility
    • cross-cutting - which apps?
    • Other?
  • Prioritize

What's next? - 1 hour

  • Identify design "leads" for high priority components
  • Other?


The results of this exercise can be seen on the Pain Points & Problem Spaces page.

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