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Our Netlify CMS integrations are configured to use an Editorial Workflow. This means that the following general procedures apply when editing content.

Creating New Content

New content can be created in one of three ways:

  1. On the Contents page, select the content type from the Collections list in the left sidebar, then clicking the "New" button at the top right. In the screenshot below, the button reads "New initiative" as initiatives are currently active.
  2. On the Workflow page, click the "New Post" dropdown and select the desired content type.
  3. From any part of the Netlify CMS interface, click the "Quick add" dropdown in the primary navigation bar and select the desired content type.

New content must be marked as "Ready" more moved to the "Ready" column on the workflow page before it can be published. This prevents accidental publication of content that has not been proofread or reviewed by others.

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