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Building a Debugger for Fluid


  • FLUID-4884 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Present the fluid.activityTrace
  • Faceting search/filter for activities
  • Use colours to distinguish event types
  • A mechanism to navigate to the instantiator record for a component
  • An interface to explore or ask questions about the history of a component

Fluid Debug Internals


The fluid.activityTrace Array contains a record of activities.

There are 2 types of entries in the activityTrace:

  1. An activity record
  2. A pop entry

An activity record contains:

  • type
  • message
  • args
  • time

fluid.pushActivity() (Fluid.js)

fluid.popActivity() (Fluid.js)


Boolean to turn tracing on and off.


Live IoC record.


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