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attendees: Dana, Colin, Lisa, Alan, Neeta, Michelle

Meeting Notes

  • check in with AG who is using Fitbit in interesting/unconventional ways
  • will we give user a way to download their data so they can use it in other programs/apps etc?
  • what would motivate someone to use this tool?
    • provide an intro video?
    • different prompts?
  • need to somehow make a connection between user-defined goals and personal data collection
    • specify data and goal at same time?
    • e.g. “what might help you complete this goal?”
  • is this a stand-alone app, or more of an in-context activity?
    • imagining it would be a stand-alone app, that might be introduced through an in-context activity
    • a mobile app best? more likely to use?
    • an Electron App?
  • could it be the “simplest mobile app”, customized to do THAT ONE THING that you want?
  • Bullet Journal example
    • how to choose your own strategy
    • customize through building blocks
    • how not to be prescriptive
    • provide examples of other customized MyL3 interfaces?
    • not an over-arching system, rather, provide techniques, strategies etc, that can be pieced together by the user


  • heath care
  • someone recovering from a health event (charting their recovery, medications etc)
  • food sensitivities (elimination diet etc)
  • personal reflection/inventory/retrospective (what went well today/this week, what did not?)

Next Steps

  • consider more examples and scenarios (& review previous)
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